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QC stands for Quality Control

 During the international trade transaction, the service provider acts as the independent third party, stand on buyer’s benefit to supervise container loading at the exporting country, check both quality and quantity of the loading goods, present supplier’s real qualification at the same time.

 QC handles every sudden event happens during the loading, solve it quick.  

 As soon as the loading action finishes, buyer will receive all visual evidences took by HD camera of each goods show that they are all secured. Your purchased goods tell you that they are in good shape by themselves.

 Afterward QC tracks down transportation updates till the container crosses the destination boundary line.

QC meant to mitigate any risk from an oversea purchase with a relatively low service fee.

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What QC means? How it applies?

 QC guarantees the actual goods loaded into the container are exactly same as the international trade commercial order;

 QC is not only controlling the quality, but also controlling the container loading process, prevent any damage happens during the future shipping, even point to point locate the responsible party also help to investigate for compensation;

 QC is to keep eyes on ready-to-ship goods, till the container gets into the destination boundary line. The job is not only stopping at the loading site but track down all the way; QC acts as your avatar from distance;

 If you have never traded/purchased from China, yet hesitate to make your very first step, QC helps to set your worries free.

 If you have purchased multiple containers but still have arguments with the suppliers for qualities and quantities, QC will remove all the problems from the loading very frontline.

How QC runs?

 QC is in responsibility to contact with the supplier, in transaction of loading confirmation on date and location, supervise whether the loading is really happening;

 QC strictly exam each item of the loading goods according to the packing list provided by you, on qualities and quantities;

 From the very beginning of the loading performance, till the end custom seal is locked, the set surveillance camera allow you to watch the whole loading process, no matter where you are, no matter what time of your side is, you will watch loading process live from office PC, laptop, or smart mobile phone, I-pad comfortably lying in bed. modern devices really can help us a lots in these days. At the completion of the loading you will also receive the whole set loading footage to watch again;

 QC main job is to take very clearly visual evidence of each exam item, multi angle video or HD photos to prove the item is exactly same as the commercial order. Also same time to record each stage of it be placed during the loading process in case any future damage happens to track down the responsibility party. At the completion of the loading we shall email the whole package including hundreds HD photos of the products, videos with the surveillance footage. And those evidence proves that what you will receive in months would be exactly same with what showing on the evidence themselves (the only exception is custom inspection reload under certain local authority terms).

 QC shall follow the track of the transportation all the way till the ship gets to the destination. Also QC shall keep you updated all the way;

What benefits does QC bring to you?

 The biggest benefit QC does is to mitigate any risk from an overseas purchase;

 QC makes the traveling to another country be unnecessary, save costs of both your money and time;

 Worrying about the true reliability of an overseas purchasing? QC present you what is really happening;

 QC helps to build up trust between you and your supplier. You only trust your supplier once you are satisfied with what you receive, future more cooperation based on trust, more cooperation means more profits;

 QC acts as your guy at the loading site, standing at your side, helps to deal and solve any sudden event at loading site;

Why choose DAQC?

 As a third party being engaged for our services by you, we handle every case completely as your orders, DAQC works as an extension to your business, and in China we represent you;

 DAQC only provide one to one service. There is one, and only one agent takes care of your case from the very beginning till the end closure. Are you worrying about your case will be messed up in different hands? That is not gonna happen in DAQC;

 Surveillance camera helps you to watch the whole process of container loading live. No matter the location or time difference of yours, office PC or smart mobile phone combine provided application make you see what is happening on another side of the earth;

 DAQC pays close attention to the details. According to your requirement we exam goods precisely, take HD photos and videos from multi angle, you will see through right away;

 DAQC charges reasonable, we calculate multiple trip lines and time lines for your cost analysis and comparison;

 DAQC policy is, work first pay after, it is absolutely ZERO risk to you;

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